UFO 2021: Calcium, Walletum, Slabber. Progress report, upcoming releases.

UFO авг. 31, 2021

This article describes the work done by UFO project team during 2021. For better understanding of the core work, it is worth reading two following  articles: the first, which introduces a brief excursion into the history of the UFO blockchain, and the second, which describes the principles of the team's work. So, let’s get the point now.

First, the project is focused on  full compliance with Bitcoin. And second, teaching people. But we also make all sorts of stuff that are designed for the distant future. In 2018, one of our team members proposed to implement the decentralized Calcium network, and it took about 3 years to define the concept and work out some technical processes. In fact, the network node itself is already ready, but it does not make sense to regular user without a complete environment.

In order for the project to start working, some tasks are to be done, and we set our goals on the following: activation of the OMNI protocol in the UFO blockchain, a non-custodial multi-blockchain wallet and a blog platform that will be the basic concept of the social network. OMNI goal is achieved – it was activated in August. But the other two major projects are worth paying attention to.

1) Walletum

Walletum is a non-custodial multi-blockchain wallet that solves the problem of crypto payments both in everyday life and inside the Calcium network. It will not only store the crypto, but also tokens, stablecoins and NFTs. Non-custodial means that only you will have access to your funds. We do not store any information about the users of the service.

As new opportunities evolve in the Calcium network, some of them will become available via the wallet interface in first place. For example, secure atomic exchange, group control of funds (multisig), voluntary freezing of funds for a period of time (timelock), support for named recipients, encrypted storage of personal wallet settings.

Walletum is cross-platform, available as a browser version, as a browser extension and as an application for smartphones.

The use of an open source library for blockchains (Calcium Library) makes it possible in the future to release an independent version of the wallet as a desktop application for Windows, MacOS and Linux. The independent version will give the opportunity to store all data locally, and to retrieve information from blockchains, and also to use user’s trusted blockchain nodes, or public servers such as Electrum and similar.

Wallet developers do understand how important it is for a non-custodial wallet to be secure. That is why during development, great attention is paid to the security of components and the architecture of the wallet. It may affect the development timeframes, but at the moment the project is in alpha version. Estimated public launch date: late fall - winter 2021.

2) Slabber

Any stand-alone network also needs a content provider. Without content, there’s no Internet at all.

At the moment, there are several hundred blog platforms and other publishing services, but only a few of them are popular: Yandex Zen, Teletype, Medium, Telegraph and a little Steemet.

Each of them has a huge number of pros and cons. There most common disadvantage, is that most authors either don’t earn significant amounts of money, or there is no way to monetize articales at all. For example, in Yandex zen (and this is the main and most popular Russian platform), your funds are not under your control, at any time you can be charged money even for traffic fines, and there is also an outrageous censorship. Teletype, Medium and Telegraph do not imply any model of monetization, Steemet is flooded with Asians bots.

We make a Slabber, where:

Each account has a non-custodial UFO wallet. That is, only you have access to your funds, site administrators do not know the password for your wallet, it is not stored it in the database. Even if the platform is hacked, no one will get to your money. You can get the private key from the wallet and import it into any other cryptowallet which is convenient for you.

There are several ways of author incentives:

1) 20,000,000 UFO coins are allocated to encourage early adopters. They will receive 1 UFO for 1 view of the post regardless of the UFO course. That is, if even after a week the UFO rate rises or falls 100 times, the authors will also receive 1 UFO for 1 viewing. It is possible that this first start budget will increase. The funds are stored in a separate wallet, and all financial transfers will be publicly available.

Author’s support fund: the wallet with reserved 20,000,000 UFO

2) Donation system. You can send any amount of funds to any author or user of the site as a gratitude for his work. In addition to donating for texts, you can help people raise funds in the form of crowdfunding. For example, a charity fund for helping animals can sing-in there and tell about their deeds, receiving donations in crypto from other people who care.

3) Subscription system. None of the platforms specified above have a convenient subscription model. In fact, only Patreon has a subscription model (among the notable services), but this service is extremely censored and  unpopular among text authors. Your account can be blocked at any time, after which you lose all your funds.

The subscription system in Slabber works like this:

Bob subscribes to Nick for 50 days with a daily payment of 10 UFOs. 505 UFO is reserved on the platform wallet and every day at a certain time (if the subscription was at 12:01, then 10 UFOs will be sent daily at 12:01 to Nick). The subscription can be canceled at any time. Unspent funds will be returned to Bob's account.

For any payment using Slabber 1% fee is applied, except for funds deposit and withdrawal. It will be spent exclusively on the platforms needs, including a replenishment of the author’s support fund.

This is the first stage in the development of the centralized version of the project. The second stage includes integration into the Calcium network, where all texts, photos and videos, the entire database will be stored decentralized, and there will be no single platform management center.

Slabber will be released in public about a late autumn. At the moment it is 50-60 % ready.

In the future, all services within the Calcium network will be brought to a single authorization method. Services are implemented in a way so that they can work now, in a centralized manner. But when the implementation of the decentralized network goes live, services will be upgraded to support most of the decentralized features. Many non-trivial issues still have to be resolved, and we are actively looking for effective ways to do it.

At the same time we are working on many little things, which are yet to be released. Like the 2 following telegram bots:

1) P2p bot for UFO / fiat exchange;

2) Website and bot for issuing tokens on the UFO blockchain.

A lot of effort was put by UFO team into the core development. We are cautious when talking about things that are not done yet. But we consider ourselves responsible to share the progress report along with all the issues that we have. We approach the development and design of each service so that it is as cool and convenient as possible.

I suggest you check out some of the Slabber pages:

The final versions of the design will  be avaible when the project is released.

Any service developed is targeted to includes all useful functions that a user may need. All of the services are free.

We approached the development of the wallet from the point that it should be available on any device in any implementation, so that it can store and transfer any value that can only be represented in a crypto.

We approached the creation of Slabber in the way that service should not only be for writing texts, Slabber should be simple, but cover most of the wishes of readers and authors: simplicity, convenience, no censorship, donating, crowdfunding, subscription on an ongoing basis, the ability to communicate with the author.

UFO will be the main tool, used to maintain ratings of posts.  YouTube has the main currency which is “likes”. Zen uses “views”. We use UFO crypto currency.

We’ve talked about the most important points so far. But there are many other important issues. To keep of track the work on the UFO and Calcium projects, use the following:

1) Telegram channel with UFO announcements https://t.me/UFOoriginal

2) Telegram channel with Calcium announcements https://t.me/CalciumNetwork

3) Calcium diagram, where we gradually paint over the completed points https://calcium.network

Stay with us, learn how to work with crypto currency, ask questions. We learn along with you. Every time we do something new - we become smarter, and we share it with you.

Crypto has come into our life for a long time and it is developing rapidly, do not lag behind.