How I blocked all my crypto for 1 year.

февр. 07, 2022

In Bitcoin and forks of BTC, if they are enough relevant, there is a tricky smart contract that allows you to block your funds until a certain date or block height. I have been thinking about this for a long time, and finally, after reading of written instruction, I decided to freeze almost all my funds for 1 year.

For anyone is secret, that I've been collaborating with the UFO team since 2018. As a matter of fact, this site was originally planned to be something like notes about my work in this area. And since 2018, I have been constantly buying coins, because I wanted (and want) to accumulate 100 million. I didn’t getthat much, because UFO gradually became expensive, there were different stages, at the start I bought 4 satoshi, then I bought more at 30, this summer I managed to buy 0.5, and with a gradual increase to 3 I also bought, but already with tears on cheeks. Do not forget that all trades were relative to bitcoin, so with the growth of bitcoin, UFO also rose in price. And here's how much I got:

The next year promises to be very interesting and productive for the team, both Slabber and Walletum will be released, TapRoot will be implemented, Calcium Web Api will be published, will be finished user-friendly service for issuing tokens on Uniasset and so on. This is a tentative description of what will most likely be ready in the first quarter of 2022

And anything can happen, all you  kno that, suddenly the price may fall, suddenly it may rise strongly, and I, as a gambling and quite impulsive person, can do things that are unthinkable for a rational mind. Furthermore, such amount (61 722 758 coin) can really affect the exchange rate.

For example, the price will rush down, I will get scared and sell everything. Or the price will rush up, and I will stop it or bring it down with my movements. So I decided to make sure that I did not have ANY opportunity to use the funds. The only adequate and working way is time-lock. I have blocked 60,000,000 coins until December 31, 2022 00:00.

If I sell everything now at once, it will be a little more than 1BTC, in the best case, if I sold slowly and gradually, well, i would get 2-3 BTC. Enough for a nice house. And then what? And then nothing, zero.

Since that moment, my motivation to work more actively on the project has grown, also, I hope, some members of the team will be calmer, and maybe someone will follow my example. Most likely in a year I will block my coins again for another 1 year, maybe even buy some more coins and increase the TVL (total value locked) of UFO. I left a small part of the coins on my wallet, because I often use them to work with the community.

Of course, I was worried, so first I sent two small amounts, and only then everything else:

Now all my millions are lying here, and I won’t be able to use them until the 2023:

Come to our English-language telegram chat of the UFO team, we talk about everything there.